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Friday, March 25, 2011

Trust Activities - Empowering a new generation; Bringing people closer to nature, Lighting the lamp of spirituality

Recent Activities - 
Report by Sandhya Bhaskar

Under the guidance of Guruji Uday Acharya, our team of four Vedanta students viz. Ms. Saroja Venkatasubramaniam, Ms. Lalitha Iyer, Ms. Geetha Balasubramaniam and Ms. Sandhya Bhaskar, are actively involved in the following projects to share our knowledge and contribute to society in our own way.

1. Story Telling Session:
 Stories of values and morals are imparted to children of various age groups.
Stories from the scriptures and from the text of Vedic heritage, from Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s educational books, mythological stories and stories of wisdom and culture are narrated, and ‘enacted’.  Sanskrit shlokas, small prayers and bhajans, yoga asanas, fun games and songs make the sessions very lively.

Monthly activities of drawing, colouring and solving puzzles, based on stories heard by the children, helps to bring out their creativity.
At present the above activities are conducted in the Day care centre of Swami Vivekananda Educational Society, Chembur. 
 The team is in the process of spreading these beneficial sessions to a  wider circle of children.

2. Teaching Children of Construction workers. (CWC)
Our team has started educational sessions for young children of construction workers. 
 The group visits selected construction sites weekly or fortnightly to spend time and awareness to the youngsters who are mostly left on their own, when the parents are busy working at the construction sites.  Educational books, coloring and drawing material, toys etc. are distributed as incentives.  Here too the team proposes to reach out to as many children in the area as possible.

3.  Visits to Bal Anand  (Residential Home for Destitute children)
The group aims to double their efforts in constructively occupying the children of the home, by holding story telling sessions, puppet shows, songs, enacting small plays etc. and distributing educational material and snacks.


Personal Growth Workshops

We conduct workshops on personal growth and spiritual intelligence. A number of workshops have been held in Vashi and Chembur in the past. More such programs are planned in the future. Uday Acharya is one of the many faculty members conducting these growth workshops.

Past workshops have included programs on Stress-free Management, Emotional Intelligence, Self Esteem and other topics of personal interest.
Weekly Vedanta Satsang classes are held in different parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai for students interested in studying the scriptures. A detailed list of weekly classes is provided on a separate page. 

A Green Initiative : URBAN LEAVES

Vidya Varidhi Trust, has set up a program called "URBAN LEAVES" as part of its green initiative. 
The main aim of this unit is :
  1. To spread awareness, impart knowledge and skills for creating organic urban farms.*
  2. To encourage and contribute to the growth in city farms "
Urban Leaves conducts  natu-eco workshops on city farming at Maharashtra Nature Park - Sion,  and at Nana Nani Park - Chowpaty. 

  A natu-eco cityfarming workshop in progress


Members give a hand

Other activities

Vidya Vaaridhi Trust has contributed its mite to Kargil War Veterans Fund, Orissa Drought Relief Fund, Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund, and Tsunami Relief Fund, etc.

Vidya Vaaridhi Trust has also contributed to spiritual and cultural organisations like Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Coimbatore, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Nagpur, Swami Dayananda Ashram Rishikesh, The Dawn Club Mumbai, etc.

Vidhya Vaaridhi Trust has contributed to a cityfarming project for street children in Mumbai and to a hostel library for a school in Nasik .

Vidya Vaaridhi Trust had organised a library of motivational books in the early days. However it was discontinued due to lack of a permanent venue to keep the books.

Scholarship Grants have also been given to deserving students towards their school  educationMany of the candidates are now well placed and doing well in their individual careers.

Donations for the above activities and general donations can be done by crossed cheque or RTGS bank to bank transfer. Details of bank for this purpose are provided on a separate page. Vidya Vaaridhi Trust Bank A/c details


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